Lightyear Wireless Representative Websites

Lightyear Wireless offers three websites for representatives to use for a monthly fee of $49.99. The websites are optional, meaning that as a representative if you don't want to use them, you don't have to. However, the representative websites are great tools for your business and most representatives who are serious about their businesses choose to use the websites.

The three websites that Lightyear offers are:

Retail website

The retail website is where representatives can send their potential customers. Customers can learn about the company, the products available, and can even order products and services through this website.

Recruiting Website

The recruiting website is the best place to send people interested in starting a business with Lightyear wireless. Representatives can send their prospects here for a brief but informative overview of the company and the business opportunity.

The main website

The main website is more comprehensive than the previous two, including information about both the products we offer and also about the business opportunity.

Lightyear representatives can use all three of these websites to help their business succeed.