Lightyear Wireless Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

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Lightyear Wireless offers competive pricing on a wide range of cellular phones.

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Products Overview

Whether you need few hundred minutes a month, or are looking for unlimited text, talk and data, Lightyear Wireless has the right plan for you.

No Contract Individual Plans
Anytime Minutes Text & Data Price per Month
Unlimited with Roaming
Unlimited with MMS
Unlimited with MMS
Text 10 cents ea.- Data None
Text 10 cents ea.- Data None

Lightyear Wireless offers competive pricing on a wide range of cellular phones. Our pre-paid cell phones use the Sprint network. View our coverage map below.


Wireless Promotions

In addition to some of the lowest priced plans in the industry, Lightyear has several promotions available that allow customers and representatives to earn FREE wireless service!

Are you a Lightyear Representative?

Lightyear representatives only have to sponsor three customers to receive free wireless service. This promotion is called "You + Three = FREE!" and more information is available here.

Are you a Lightyear Customer?

As a Lightyear customer, you can still receive free wireless service! Simply refer five other wireless customers to the company and you will receive free cell phone service for as long as those customers pay their bills! Read more about our "You + Five = FREE!" promotion.

Thank you for taking a look at the Lightyear Wireless No Contract cell phone plans. You can view the available Lightyear Wireless cell phones here.

Interested in making residual income on cell phone bills? Learn more about becoming a Lightyear Wireless Representative.